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In international transportation, where complex procedures and expertise are required, our staff provides customers with the best and fastest transportation services. In particular, we are able to provide services with thoughtful support through our international network of partner companies, including our Vietnamese subsidiary. We also provide the best service for cross transport from one overseas location to another by utilizing our network.

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Import and export/

customs clearance

We offer the best means of transportation to meet our customers’ needs.
For exports, we deliver our customers' products just in time using the optimal combination of land, sea, and air international transportation modes. We specialize in exporting machinery, equipment, and plant cargo, and our experienced and specialized staff can arrange everything from equipment pickup to packing, customs procedures, transportation, and in-plant installation.
For imports, our network of overseas agents and partner companies enables us to provide services using local transactions. We can provide one-stop services for domestic distribution processing, including transportation using our own trucks, storage in our warehouses, and inspections.

  • Logistic Results
    in Export

    Food products, machinery and equipment, miscellaneous goods, etc.
    *We can provide integrated services from cargo pickup in Japan to export packing, customs clearance, local transportation, and in-factory installation.

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  • Logistic
    Experience (Import)

    Food products, wine, chemical products, shoes, machinery and equipment, furniture, general merchandise, etc.
    *We also provide high-quality distribution processing (inspection and supplemental work) in addition to domestic food applications.

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  • Customs
    Clearance Agent

    Our customs specialists provide accurate and prompt services for customs clearance procedures, which are indispensable for importing and exporting. The skilled customs specialists at Tsukishima Soko can handle complex customs clearance procedures quickly and appropriately to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Door to

    We provide door-to-door delivery services overseas by making full use of our network of local subsidiaries and partner companies for any kind of transport, including consolidated transport, container transport, and special container transport.
    Our cooperation with major shipping companies and forwarders enables us to provide stable space and competitive shipping rates. We offer the most appropriate services according to your demands, such as delivery dates, etc.



TOTAL Logistics mainly specializes in handling machinery for overseas and plant cargo.
Our experienced and specialized staff can arrange everything systematically, from equipment pickup to packing, transportation, and in-plant installation.
Locating our bonded warehouse at Keihin port, the largest trading port in Japan, Tsukishima Soko can handle all storage management, inspection, and sealing.

  • Storage Management

  • Inspection and Quarantine

  • Shipping

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TOTAL Logistics offers various packing methods according to the product contents and logistics conditions. Beyond simply protecting the goods, these can include waterproofing, moisture proofing, insect proofing, rust proofing, earthquake proofing, and environmental measures. We also offer a variety of packing forms, such as cardboard, cases, skids, crates, and pallets, according to the transportation method, storage period, and product characteristics.

  • Skid packing

  • Case packing

  • Crate packing

  • Cardboard packing

Vietnam business

In May 2020, Tsukishima Soko Vietnam was established as one of the members of “TSUKISO GROUP”.
In Vietnam, we have been having a close partnership with local excellent logistics company “TRA-SAS” since 2012.
Through our comprehensive cooperative partnership, we can provide timely information to customers.
We also provide consistent door-to-door forwarding service between Japan and Vietnam, local warehousing service, local trading consulting, and liquor sales business.
We are looking forward to your inquiry.